Latoya Skerrette and Jasmine Williams are the founders of VIBE BK. They are two African American women whose friendship began in Midwood High School and developed into a sisterhood that is housed in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. They have cultivated their professional and educational expertise and common desire to positively impact their community and youth.  Lovers of all things Brooklyn, Jasmine and Latoya continue to vibe on a path of innovation and success.

Jasmine Williams or the Brooklyn Girl Next Door, as she is referred to on her personal blog, is strong, determined, goal-oriented, multi-faceted and concise are all attributes of her beloved borough and personality. So very chill, she conjures zen vibes through yoga & mediation. Positive vibes only!

Latoya Skerrette, a Trinidadian at heart she blends the warmth of the Caribbean and cool Brooklyn vibes to create love and community in all that she does.  Driven, creative, versatile, confident, just to name a few attributes that equips her to produce results and hustle hard.  Workout buddy, hair stylist, brunch companion, she wears many hats!